Council and Committee Referral "Hot Sheet"           
For Thursday, March 24, 2022           
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  To Transportation Committee
City Administrative Officer report 0150-11660-0001, dated March 18, 2022, relative to authorizing the Los Angeles Department of Transportation to execute a First Amendment to Contract No. C-129151 with Outfront Media LLC, for transit vehicle advertising services.

CD 7
  To Information, Technology, and General Services Committee
Municipal Facilities Committee report 0220-05166-0003, dated March 23, 2022, relative to authorizing the Department of General Services to execute an amendment to the Master License Agreement C-134037, with Kounkuey Design Initiative, to implement the Adopt-A-Lot Pilot Program.

  To Ad Hoc Committee on COVID-19 Recovery and Neighborhood Investment
Chief Legislative Analyst report 21-07-0558, dated March 22, 2022, relative to protecting small businesses against eviction due to COVID-19.

  To Information, Technology, and General Services Committee
To Personnel, Audits, and Animal Welfare Committee

Department of General Services report, dated March 21, 2022, relative to a funding request for the Targeted Local Hire program for custodial services positions.

CD 14
  To Arts, Parks, Health, Education, and Neighborhoods Committee
To Information, Technology, and General Services Committee
To Public Works Committee

Board of Recreation and Park Commissioners revised report, dated March 17, 2022, relative to a request to approve the proposed Rental Agreement Amendment with the State of California Department of Transportation, regarding leasing the property located at the corner of Concord Avenue, Alhambra Avenue and Lowell Avenue for the El Sereno Arroyo Playground.

CD 15
  To Council
Bureau of Engineering report, dated March 10, 2022, relative to the final map of Tract No. 69586, located at 15812-15820 South Vermont Avenue, southerly of 157th Street.

CD 14
  To Council
Bureau of Street Lighting report, dated March 16, 2022, relative to a draft Ordinance of Intention for the Wadena Street and Van Horne Avenue Street Lighting Maintenance Assessment District.