Council and Committee Referral "Hot Sheet"           
For Monday, January 27, 2020           
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CD 8
  To Planning and Land Use Management Committee
South Los Angeles Area Planning Commission report, dated August 20, 2019, relative to a California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) Appeal of the project located at 2211-2219 South Hoover Street.

CD 15
  To Trade, Travel, and Tourism Committee
Board of Harbor Commissioners report, dated January 23, 2019, relative to Board Resolution No. 19-9519, approving proposed Foreign-Trade Zone (FTZ) General Purpose Operating Agreement No. 19-3670 between theHarbor Department and Morrison Express Corporation, FTZ 202, Site 59.

CD 14
  To Planning and Land Use Management Committee
Los Angeles City Planning Commission report, dated January 24, 2020, relative to an Appeal ofthe Vesting Tentative Tract (VTT) for the projects located at 2110 and 2130 East Bay Street; and 2141 East Sacramento Street.

CD 11
  To Council
Bureau of Street Lighting report, dated January 17, 2020, relative to the Ordinance of Intention for Rennie Avenue and Rose Court Street Lighting Maintenance Assessment District.

  To Personnel and Animal Welfare Committee
Mayor report, dated January 26, 2020, relative to the appointment of Christine Diaz-Herrera to the Employee Relations Board, for the term ending September 23, 2021. Ms. Diaz-Herrera will fill the vacancy created by Alicia K. Hancock, who withdrew from consideration.