Council and Committee Referral "Hot Sheet"           
For Thursday, April 05, 2018           
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  To Rules, Elections, and Intergovernmental Relations Committee
City Attorney report R18-0088, dated April 5, 2018, relative to a draft Ordinance which adds Chapter 180 to Division 5 of the Los Angeles Administrative Code to establish the Department of Cannabis Regulation Trust Fund.

CD 15
  To Planning and Land Use Management Committee
Los Angeles City Planning Commission report, dated April 4, 2018, relative to appeals of Conditional Use, Zoning Administrator's Adjustments, and Site Plan Review for the project located at 15116-15216 South Vermont Avenue; and 747-761 West Redondo Beach Boulevard.

  To Budget and Finance Committee
City Clerk report, dated April 2, 2018, relative to the 2016-17 annual expenditure reports for the Council District Community Services, Council Fee Subsidy, and Citywide Special Events Fee subsidy funds of the General City Purposes budget.

  To Budget and Finance Committee
City Attorney report R18-0085, dated March 30, 2018, relative to a request to discuss in closed session settlement in the case of Joston R. Theney v. City of Los Angeles, et al.

CD 11
  To Trade, Travel, and Tourism Committee
Board of Airport Commissioners report, dated April 5, 2018, relative to Board Resolution No. 26450 authorizing a Design-Build-Finance-Operate-Maintain Agreement with LAX Integrated Express Solutions, LLC for the Landside Access Modernization Program's Automated People Mover System at Los Angeles International Airport.