Council and Committee Referral "Hot Sheet"           
For Wednesday, July 05, 2017           
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  To Public Safety Committee
City Administrative Officer report 0130-02043-0001, dated June 30, 2017, relative to the FY 2013 Enhanced Training Services to End Violence Against and Abuse Women Later in Life Grant award - budget modifications and contracting authorities.

  To Information Technology and General Services Committee
General Services Department report, dated June 8, 2017, relative to the non-financial conveyance of seven easements to Alameda Corridor Transportation Authority for the property located at 2551 and 2649 East Washington Boulevard.

  To Information Technology and General Services Committee
City Attorney report R17-0224, dated July 3, 2017, relative to the proposed new departmental records disposition schedule for the Los Angeles Fire Department (Schedule FIR/100).

CD 11
  To Energy, Climate Change, and Environmental Justice Committee
Board of Public Works report BPW-2017-0626, dated June 30, 2017, relative to certification of the Environmental Impact Report for the Venice Auxiliary Pumping Plant Project.