Council and Committee Referral "Hot Sheet"           
For Friday, May 12, 2017           
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  To Budget and Finance Committee
City Attorney report R17-0151, dated March 11, 2017, relative to an ordinance amending section 20.95.1, Chapter 5.1 of the Los Angeles Administrative Code regarding the Responsible Banking Investment Monitoring Program.

  To Public Works and Gang Reduction Committee
Motion (Bonin - Harris-Dawson) - Relative to amending the Citywide List of Special Events to add and remove events as noted in the Motion.

CD 9
  To Council (tentatively scheduled for Friday, May 19, 2017)
Motion (Price, Jr. - Harris-Dawson) - Relative to the appropriation of funds for the Los Angeles Coliseum July Fourth Fireworks Show.

  To Public Safety Committee
Mayor report, dated May 11, 2017, relative to the reappointment of Sandra Figueroa-Villa to the Board of Police Commissioners for the term ending June 30, 2022. Ms. Figueroa-Villa's current term expires on June 30, 2017.

  To Public Safety Committee
City Administrative Officer report 0220-03695-0217, dated May 10, 2017, relative to the reappropriation of Fiscal Years 2014 and 2015 Urban Areas Security Initiative Grant funds.

  To Council (tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, May 16, 2017)
Motion (Krekorian - O'Farrell) - Relative to a transfer of funding by the Los Angeles Police Department Fund to pay down police-banked overtime liabilities.

  To Rules, Elections, Intergovernmental Relations, and Neighborhoods Committee
Resolution (Koretz - Cedillo) - Resolve that the City hereby includes in its 2017-18 State Legislative Program its position for SB 424 (Allen) that would increase funding to promote and enhance the environmental literacy of all California students.

  To Rules, Elections, Intergovernmental Relations, and Neighborhoods Committee
Resolution (Bonin - Krekorian) - Resolve that the City hereby includes in its 2017-18 State Legislative program its position to SB 268 (Mendoza) that would make substantial changes to the existing composition of the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority Board of Directors governance structure

CD 2
  To Council (tentatively scheduled for Friday, May 19, 2017)
Motion (Krekorian - Koretz) - Relative to the issuance of revenue bonds or other obligations to finance acquisition and construction of the Laurence School, located at 13635, 13637, 13639 and 13647 Victory Boulevard, and 6428, 6434 and 6456 Woodman Avenue.

  To Ad Hoc Committee on Immigrant Affairs
To Budget and Finance Committee

Motion (Cedillo - Martinez - et al.) - Request the City Attorney, with the assistance of the Bureau of Contract Administration, prepare and present an ordinance directing prospective and existing contractors with the City to disclose any contracts related to services regarding building of the border wall between the United States of America and Mexico.

CD 11
  To Planning and Land Use Management Committee
Motion (Bonin - Ryu) - Relative to Council asserting jurisdiction, pursuant to Charter Section 245, over the April 20, 2017 Los Angeles City Planning Commission action for property located at 12440-12492 Venice Boulevard.

  To Transportation Committee
Motion (Cedillo - Blumenfield) - Instruct departments to report with recommendations establishing authority to install and protocol to enforce signage prohibiting the blockage of two-way vehicular traffic on public streets during specified time limits in the vicinity of an active construction site when unsafe conditions merit such restrictions.

CD 8
  To Housing Committee
Motion (Harris-Dawson - Price, Jr.) - Authorize the Housing and Community Investment Department, in consultation with the City Attorney, to negotiate an agreement with 88th and Vermont Limited Partnership for the City-owned parcels at 8707 South Menlo Avenue, and 8742 and 8750 South Vermont Avenue for the purposes of developing the 88th and Vermont permanent supportive housing project.

CD 14
  To Planning and Land Use Management Committee
Motion (Huizar - Martinez) - Request the Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety and Department of City Planning to report with recommendations to ensure relevant information and guidance about dust suppression and worker safety are provided to applicants for construction and demolition activities in areas of the City within the 1. 7 mile radius of concern from the now-closed Exide Technologies battery recycling plant.

  To Budget and Finance Committee
Chief Legislative Analyst (CLA) report, dated May 12, 2017, relative to Budget and Finance Committee changes, as proposed by the CLA for the 2017-18 Proposed Budget.