Council and Committee Referral "Hot Sheet"           
For Wednesday, January 11, 2017           
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  To Public Works and Gang Reduction Committee
Motion (Buscaino - Martinez) - Relative to the Streamlined City Street Vacation Process, as adopted March 5, 2002, be modified as detailed in the Motion.

  To Council (tentatively scheduled for January 18, 2017)
Motion (Buscaino - Krekorian) - Relative to authorizing the Controller to adjust Fiscal Years 2016-17 and 2015-16 allocations in the Sidewalk Repair Fund as detailed in the Motion.

  To Ad Hoc Committee on the 2024 Summer Olympics
City Administrative Officer and Chief Legislative Analyst joint report, dated January 11, 2017, relative to the proposed Memorandum of Understanding between the City of Los Angeles and LA24.

  To Ad Hoc Committee on the 2024 Summer Olympics
City Attorney report R17-0009, dated January 10, 2017, relative to the Host City Contract for the 2024 Olympic Games.

  To Rules, Elections, Intergovernmental Relations and Neighborhoods Committee
Resolution (Englander - Buscaino) - Resolve that the City includes in its 2017-18 State Legislative Program its position for legislation that would enable local jurisdictions to impound, seize, auction or destroy vehicles involved in serious hit-and-run crimes, street racing, exhibitions of speed or reckless driving.

CD 14
  To Council (tentatively scheduled for January 18, 2017)
Motion (Huizar - O'Farrell) - Relative to providing an offer of reward for information leading to the identification, apprehension, and conviction of the person(s) responsible for the death or Jacqueline Hernandez on November 7, 2016.

CD 13, 15
  To Council (tentatively scheduled for January 18, 2017)
Motion (O'Farrell - Buscaino) - Relative to the Resolution and minutes of the public hearing held, setting the official intent of the City to issue Multifamily Housing Revenue Bonds for the Rampart Mint Project and the Jordan Downs Phase 1B projects.

CD 10
  To Public Works and Gang Reduction Committee
Motion (Wesson, Jr. - Huizar) - Relative to an exemption to the City's one-year street cut moratorium to permit the installation of a water meter in conjunction with the development of a two-unit residential housing duplex located at 2836-2838 Chesapeake Avenue.

CD 12
  To Council (tentatively scheduled for January 18, 2017)
Motion (Englander - Blumenfield) - Relative to the transfer of funds within the Neighborhood Empowerment Fund in order to reimburse the Porter Ranch Neighborhood Council for questioned expenditures from its account.

  To Council (tentatively scheduled for January 18, 2017)
Motion (Buscaino - Huizar) - Relative to initiating street vacation proceedings to vacate portions of Glen Aylsa Avenue and Good Street, northerly of Linda Rosa Avenue.

  To Ad Hoc Committee on Immigrant Affairs
To Budget and Finance Committee

Motion (Wesson, Jr. for Cedillo - Price, Jr.) - Relative to a City contribution to the California Community Foundation for the proposed Los Angeles Justice Fund to provide qualified legal representation to immigrants at risk of facing deportation or removal proceedings who are otherwise unable to afford or access legal services.

CD 13
  To Transportation Committee
Resolution (O'Farrell - Bonin) - Resolve that parking of oversize vehicles is restricted along the west side of the 4701-4901 blocks of San Fernando Road between Goodwin Avenue and West Colorado Boulevard, and other streets mentioned in the Motion.

  To Innovation, Grants, Technology, Commerce and Trade Committee
Motion (Ryu - Blumenfield) - Instruct the Los Angeles Tourism and Convention Board, with the assistance from the City Administrative Officer and the Chief Legislative Analyst, to report within 45 days on a strategy to alleviate the negative effects of tourism in affected Los Angeles neighborhoods and better educate tourists on how to navigate local tourist attractions.