Los Angeles City Council, Journal/Council Proceeding
Wednesday, July 26, 2017


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Members Present: Blumenfield, Bonin, Buscaino, Cedillo, Englander, Harris-Dawson, Huizar, Koretz, Krekorian, Martinez, O'Farrell, Price, Rodriguez, Ryu and President Wesson (15)



Items for which Public Hearings Have Not Been Held - (10 Votes Required for Consideration)
ITEM NO.(38)17-0293

RESOLUTION relative to the Declaration of Local Emergency by the Mayor dated March 20, 2017 due to the significant impact on the Los Angeles Aqueduct (LAA) of excessive amounts of precipitation within Inyo and Mono Counties during January and February of 2017, conditions of extreme peril to the safety of public property, infrastructure and the environment exist which will impact the LAA, water gathering and delivery facilities, and air quality mitigation facilities owned and controlled by the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) located within Mono, Inyo, Kern, and Los Angeles Counties and the City, pursuant to the provisions of the Los Angeles Administrative Code (LAAC) Section 8.27.


Recommendation for Council action:


ADOPT the accompanying RESOLUTION to:


  1. Resolve that a local emergency exists and continues to persist within the City of Los Angeles and the lands adjacent to the LAA and at Owens Lake, which are under the control of LADWP within the meaning of LAAC Section 8.21, et seq., and the continuation of the Mayor’s Declaration of Local Emergency is therefore necessary.

  2. Direct, in accordance with the LAAC, Section 8.21 et seq. all appropriate City departments, agencies and personnel to continue to perform all duties and responsibilities to represent the City of Los Angeles in this matter for the purpose of abating the emergency and receipt, processing and coordination of all inquiries and requirements necessary to obtain whatever State and Federal assistance that may become available to the citizens of the City of Los Angeles who may be affected by the emergency.
  3. Instruct the General Manager of the LADWP to advise the Mayor and City Council on the need for extension of this Proclamation of Local Emergency as may be required.

  4. Approve, due to the continuing emergency, that the competitive bidding restrictions enumerated in Charter Section 371 and LAAC Section 10.15 continue to be suspended for contracts entered into by LADWP in response to the continuing local emergency and mitigation efforts related thereto. This suspension will remain in effect during the existence of the proclaimed emergency. 
  5. Approve, due to the continuing emergency, (1) that the public interest and necessity demand the immediate expenditure of public money to safeguard life, health or property; (2) that the General Manager of the LADWP is hereby authorized to order any action relative to the procurement of construction contracts, equipment, services, and labor necessary to safeguard life, health or property caused by the proclaimed local emergency; and (3) requiring LADWP to report back on the reasons justifying why the emergency will not permit a delay resulting from a competitive solicitation for bids and why the action is necessary to respond to the emergency; and the ongoing status of the matter including actions to protect public safety, infrastructure and the environment.
  6. Instruct the City Clerk to schedule the Mayor’s Declaration for City Council consideration and review no later than every fourteen regular Council meeting days, but not to exceed 30 calendar days from the adoption of this motion thereafter until rescinded.

  7. Instruct the City Clerk to forward copies of this Resolution to the Governor of the State of California, the Director of the Office of Emergency Services of the State of California, and the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors.




(Pursuant to Section 8.27 of the LAAC, Council approval of the existence of a local emergency and need for continuing state of local emergency is required within seven days from the original declaration by the Mayor and every 14 days thereafter until terminated.)



Adopted - FORTHWITH, (15)
Whereupon the Council did adjourn.
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