Los Angeles City Health Commission Minutes


Friday, September 1, 2017


MOA Wellness Center - 4533 S. Centinela Avenue, 2nd Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90066 - 4:00 PM

Roll Call

Members Present: Arriola, Kato, Mandel, Shannon, Sharp (5); Absent: Avila, Esparza, Griffith, Hisserich and Vick (5); Vacant: (5)



  1. Discussion and/or action on Commission budget and/or funding     

  2. Working Plan: Discussion and/or action on each of the following:

    1. Annual Health Services Plan (Ordinance: Publish an annual health services plan, setting forth health information, including but not limited to, the health needs of the City, specific goals for improving health in the City, and a strategic plan to achieve those goals. The City Council shall consider and respond to the Commission's annual health services plan in a public meeting to which the Commission members and Commission staff shall be invited.)

      1. Organizational structure including, but not limited to, Workgroups vs. Committee of the Whole

      2. Issue prioritization

      3. Funding and Staff             


    2. Council Presentations: (Ordinance: Prepare and present a report, twice yearly, to the City Council evaluating the City's progress toward meeting its health goals as set forth in the Commission's annual health services plan.)
    3. Monitoring County Activities:

      1. County Contracts: (Ordinance: Review, on an annual basis, a representative sample of health services contracts executed by the County which provide health services in the City et al.)

      2. County Meetings: (Ordinance: Cause one or more Commission members or Commission staff members to attend all meetings, hearings, working sessions, and other events held or conducted by any and all governmental bodies, agencies, or entities of the County of Los Angeles et al.)


    4. Working with City Leaders (Bylaws: Solicit input from Mayor, City Council, City Attorney and City Controller about important health challenges facing Los Angeles residents that the Commission might assist with by reviewing available data information, convening experts and stakeholders, and/or formulating recommendations.)         



  3. Discussion of Public Comment Protocol



Discussion held.  Public comment provided.   


Motion (Sharp - Mandel) In order to meet the annual report, the commission should address with less than five items as a Committee of the whole.


Adopted: Hisserich, Kato, Mandel and Sharp (4); Absent: Avila, Esparza, Griffith and Vick (4); Noes: Arriola and Shannon (2); Vacant: (5)


Motion (Shannon - Sharp) The commission will begin to work on Chromium 6; Housing adjacent to the freeways; and STI/STD.


Adopted: Arriola, Hisserich, Kato, Shannon and Sharp (5); Absent: Avila, Esparza, Griffith and Vick (4); Noes: Mandel (1); Vacant: (5)


Motion (Sharp - Hisserich) Continue the discussion of public comment protocol to the meeting of September 11, 2017. 


Adopted: Arriola, Hisserich, Kato, Mandel, Shannon and Sharp (6); Absent: Avila, Esparza, Griffith and Vick (4); Vacant: (5)


Commission President Shannon adjourned the meeting at 7:38 pm.